Photo of Lillian LoweryMaryland State Department of Education 
Dr Lillian M. Lowery State Superintendent of Schools

Instructions for the Online Application Process


Please read all of the following instructions before proceeding to the online application form.

  1. The online application option is only available for parents/guardians.
  2. The online application option is a partial registration option.
  3. All six(6) required steps in the application process cannot be completed online.
    The chart below identifies what can and cannot be completed online.
Step # Can be completed online
Step #1: Student Application Form YES
Step #2: Student Essay NO
Step #3: Parent/Guardian Recommendation Form YES
Step #4: Financial Assistance/Scholarship Application NO
Step #5: Teacher Recommendation Form NO
Step #6: Test Data Form NO

  1. Steps # 2, 4, 5, and 6 must be completed following the instructions on pages 18 and 19
    in the brochure and mailed to the Center to which you are applying.
  2. Although “email” address is not required on the online application form, it is strongly encouraged
    to enable the Center Director to communicate with you more effectively.
Press Continue to proceed with the online application process.